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Advantages of Sheep Farming

  • Multi-Purpose: Sheep can be raised for multipurpose such as producing meat, wool and milk. Sheep can be raised along with other live stock without any problems.
  • Low Investment:If you want to start a sheep farming business, you should not worry about investment as you start with low capital.
  • Cheap Infrastructure: Well, in order to establish a sheep farm, it is not required to have heavy and expensive sheds or infrastructure.
  • Less Labour Cost:Sheep farming business does not require skilled labour. Even women and old people can manage this business. You may need seasonal labour and permanent labour depending upon the number of sheep in the shed.
  • Fast Growth of Herd:Usually, sheep gain weight in short duration and the reproduction of sheep is very high. Hence, the sheep herd can be grown at faster rate. This is possible because sheep can give birth to more than one kid.
  • Less Feed / Fodder Requirement and Cost:Sheep always look at the ground to feed on. They can consume various grasses and plants, shrubs and convert them into quality meat and wool. You no need to give any specific fodder, hence feed cost would be less compared to other livestock businesses such as dairy and poultry.
  • Sheep Manure: Apart from meat and wool, you can get excellent manure from sheep. This can be used in your own lad for growing crops or fodder. It works as good organic compost for plants.
  • Market Demand For Sheep products:Sheep meat is consumed in all religions and has an excellent demand in local and export market. Even sheep wool is one of the best products you can market easily.
  • Climate Adaptability: Sheep are hardy animals can easily adapt any agro-climatic conditions.
  • Requires Less Space: Sheep require less space and can mange even in backyards. However, commercial sheep farmers should have good area shed and grazing area.
  • Creating Local Employment: Sheep farming contributes to local and national economy. Sheep is a part of animal husbandry of agriculture department. Large scale sheep farming defiantly provide rural employment in economically poorer sections.
  • Easy Marketing: Well, sheep farming does not require much effort to market its products. Once you have started, there are many people will be approaching for sale. It is advised to directly sell to slaughter houses or consumers for more profits.