Melia Dubia is the fatest growing species among varieties in the universe. The wood is used for packing cases, cigar boxes, ceiling planks, building purposes, agricultural implements, pencils, math boxes, splints and catamarans.  In Srilanka, it is employed for outriggers of boats. It is suitable for musical instruments, tea boxes and the most importantly in making plywood, as the wood is anti-termite by itself.

A large tree attaining a height of 20m with a spreading crown and a cylindrical straight bole of 9m length x 1.2-1.5m girth. It grows rapidly and is used for reforestation purposes. And yields a useful timber.
The sapwood is grayish-white, usually with yellowish cast; the ‘heartwood’ is light pink to light red when first exposed, ageing to pale russet brown, subject to grey stain. IT is lustrous and without characteristic odour or taste. It is very light, straight-grained, coarse and somewhat uneven-textured. Annual growth rings are distinct but not conspicuous and number 12-16 /dm of radius.