Micro Irrigation

A scientific method of irrigation carrying desired water and nutrients direct to the root zone of the plant, drop by drop. More crop for every drop, early maturity, better quality & higher yield. Ideal for terrain with problematic soils & water. Saves labor cost. Yield increase up to 230%. Saves water up to 70%. Successfully working on more than 40 crops covering over 600 thousand acres. We have about 55% of market share in India & also export to more than 20 countries covering all 5 continents. We are leaders in providing custom made irrigation systems.

The use of latest manufacturing technique and highest quality raw material, combined with accurate quality standard maintenance has made Evergreen Irrigation completely efficient and durable. Our Drip irrigation system can also be easily scaled up or down depending on the size of the field, thus giving it a technological advantage over both capital intensive commercial drip irrigation and water intensive flood irrigation.

We are offering quality approved products to our clients. For this purpose, we check our entire product range through stringent quality testing procedures conducted by our quality professionals.

Consider Micro Irrigation for

  • Horticultural and high value crops
  • Yield and income potential are high
  • Where the ultimate in water economy is sought
  • Where precise water management is needed
  • Labour is limited
  • For relatively poor quality water
  • Good maintenance skills are available
  • Where soluble fertilisers will be used