Season of Planting

Planting should be done at the beginning of monsoon or by the end of monsoon.


The land is ploughed 2-3 times and brought to a fine tilth. Normally the plants are planted at a spacing of 14*12 ft. or 12*12 ft. if the plants are regularly pruned.

Pit Digging

Pits of 60 cm3 are dug as per the layout plan and exposed to sunlight for 10-15 days. Before filling the pits the base of the pit up to 30 cm is covered with dry leaves. The pits are filled with topsoil mixed with 20-25 kg of FYM, 1 kg of single super phosphate, 500g of neem cake and 100g of BHC 10% powder and watered immediately.

Method of Planting

At the time of planting a small pit sufficient to accommodate the soil ball should be excavated in the centre of the pit. The polythene bag should be removed without disturbing the soil ball. The graft along with the soil ball is carefully lowered in the pit. Soil is lightly pressed around the main stem to remove the air gaps. Plants are watered and adequately supported by stakes.