Ganesh : This variety is developed by selection method. It is a prolific bearer, fruit very large, rind yellowish red, pinkish aril with soft seeds. It is the commercial cultivar of Maharashtra. The average yield ranges from 8-10 kg pertree.

Arakta: The fruits are smaller than Ganesh variety having dark red coloured arils with soft seeds.

Mrudula: This variety has all the characters of the Ganesh variety except the arils are dark red in colour. The colour of the arils in 'Am be' bahar and 'Mrig' bahar is dark red in colour while it is pink during the 'Hasta' bahar. The average fruit weight is 250-300 grams.

Muskat: The fruits of this variety have red rind with pink coloured arils. The fruit are with average weight of 300- 350 grams.

Jyoti: This variety was developed at IIHR, Bangalore. The fruits are large with attractive colour having dark red arils. The seeds are very soft with high pulp and juice contents. Fruits are borne on the inner side of the canopy and thus do not get damaged due to sun scorching.

Ruby: This variety is developed at IIHR, Bangalore. The mature fruits resemble cultivar 'Ganesh' with respect to shape and size. However, the rind of this variety is reddish brown with green streaks containing red bold arils. The fruit weighs 270 g with an average yield of 16-18 tonnes/ha.

Dholka: Fruits large, rind yellowish red with pinkish white aril. It is a popular cultivar of Gujarat.