Fruits ripen in about 5-6 months from the time of flowering. Mature fruits should be immediately removed from the plants as delay in harvesting leads to fruit cracking. Fruits harvested at a premature stage have poor keeping quality and are prone to damage during handling and transport. The fruits are harvested when outer rind becomes yellowish and the fruit when tapped produces a metallic sound. The round fruits become flattened from all the sides and basal beak shaped portion shrinks at the time of maturity.

Fruits are harvested with the help of secateurs by retaining 1 cm stalk with the fruit. All the fruits should be harvested in 2-3 pickings within a span of one month. The harvested fruits are cured for a week in shade. This will make the skin more hard and will stand better in transportation.

Vanasiri providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary solutions and services to pomegranate growers, investors, marketing agencies and processors:

  • Establishment of plantations
  • Planning
  • Project operation and management
  • Supplying inputs and industry-specific equipment
  • Global marketing activities; Consulting
  • Economic analysis.
  1. Vanasir’s problem solving ability is based on its extensive experience in Israel and abroad.
  2. Vanasiiri’s successfully adapts the most advanced technologies to local conditions.
  3. Vanasiri’s speaks the language of the growers and understands their needs.

Eventually, "their success is our satisfaction!".

  Our Projects

End to End Project
A typical end-to-end project includes:

  • An economic study covering all aspects of growing, selection of varieties, irrigation and fertilization (fertigation), plant protection and the various technologies of storage, processing, packaging and marketing
  • Supplying all the necessary inputs, such as saplings of different varieties, irrigation systems (including control systems), equipment for fruit processing (extraction and separation machines, packaging machines, juice production) and fruit storage.

Project Implementation and time line

  • Vanasiri consultancy provides the customer with a list of required data to be collected in the region and supplied to Vanasiri consultancy. These data cover – in addition to climate, soil, etc. – the essential data on the customer’s marketing and economic history in the pomegranate business.
  • Vanasiri Consultancy team members analyze the provided information and prepare a detailed proposed program for the collaboration between the customer and Vanasiri consultancy.