Vanasiri Sapling

Multiplication from one plant to a population of many. This can be done through the traditional way of cutting and re-rooting, or through tissue (vitro) culture multiplication. With these methods, all plants have the same genotype and phenotype. Through selection of the mother plant we can choose a plant that has extra capacities like more production, stronger growth, etc. But they are also very vulnerable to diseases to which they have no resistance. Once attacked, the whole population can and often will die.

Vegetative multipliction from a variable population of plants. With this method, the population is more variable than one created by vegetative multiplication from one plant; so it is less sensitive to an attack from disease. The advantage of this method is that we can focus on multiplying mother plants that carry better characteristics than a population that is multiplied through seed. Vegetative multiplication can be done through roots, stems or (small) parts of them.

We are offering quality sapling to our clients. For this purpose, we check our entire Sapling range through stringent quality testing procedures conducted by our quality professionals.

Our Saplings Ranges are

  • AMLA
  • MANGO... etc.,