Technical Knowledge

Technical - Knowledge

VANASIRI being a first is providing all required information & Consultation to farmers regularly at all stages right from cultivation to purchase. Company is actively involved in following promotional activities along with innovations as and when required.

VANASIRI in its R&D center has made research on various cops like Melia Dubia, Sandalwood, Agarwood, pomegranate, Chiku and many more over a period of years and has utilized the modern techniques of agriculture which consumes less water, less labor and having more sustainable methods with secured income.

Introduction : Crop is introduced to interested persons at suitable areas through promoters

Promotions : VANASIRI organizes seminars for all the interested investors/farmers where technical team will educate all the interested persons with power point presentations, slide show and Interactions.

Cultivation Guidelines : Agriculture methods are guided to all by organized farmers meets, plantation visits, booklets etc.

Technical Advices : Company scientists and field officers will provide technical services regularly.